Monday, February 15, 2010

The First.....


If you, my loyal reader, have repeatedly pressed the 'show older posts' to discover this, then truly, you have way too much time on your hands. Otherwise, WELCOME!

Welcome to my blog. This is a test, but not only a test.

I have a couple goals while this experiment of blogging continues.....(stop me if you have heard this before)

1. Consistancy....I am are here. We are all together. I THINK I might have something to say on a daily basis. If you have visited, post a comment, insult, praise, or anything that will indicate that cyberspace is not a black hole.

2. I am experimenting with technology.....this may be (I hope, at times) a vLog.

3. About me and this blog:
-I am a father
-I am a husband
-I am a non-traditional student
-I am a runner
-I am lazy
-I am golf
-I am busy
-I am Phish

-I am an observer
-I am a writer?
-I am a critic
-I am an advocate

-I am CSU
-I am a reporter
-I am a consumer
-I am the Walrus (The Beatles)

-I am the Sea (The Who)
-I am Mine (Pearl Jam)

-I Been Around (Phish)
-I Can't Drive 55 (Hagar)
-I am, I said (N. Diamond)

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