Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Better to Look Than to Feel Good

It is the start of week four in the training life of Paul, the Marathon-hopeful, and I gotta tell ya, I was just not feeling it today. Or, the it I was feeling had nothing to do with me getting my running shoes on my feet. I know, I know, some days are going to be better than others. After pounding out 6 miles on the Dreadmill on Sunday, the clean crisp air, fresh off a weekend of snow should have held some magical appeal. C’mon, I only had to burn through 3 miles. Just a stroll around the block, right? While I was Dreadmilling on Sunday, I was smiling about how 4-6 miles is no big deal anymore. Damn you coffee, you wrecked me this morning.

I am a pretty regular guy. Yes, I mean regular. My race morning strategy is already being formed, knowing I need to be up and moving at least an hour before the gun goes off. That is a given. But really, this morning was three trips before I could even think about lacing up. I should not have had that second, ok, fourth cup of joe. Although, I got to read a lot of this month’s issue of Runners World. The kicker was I realized I forgot to plug-in the iPod. How long does a tiny red bar in the battery status window last? I could not find out and forget the whole ordeal. BUT..

It is such a beautiful here along the Front Range. I should try to make the best of my run. See, here I am. Looking good, because I’m not in my ugly white shirt and I just got out of the bathroom.

And this is where I start my runs from home. I’m not really just looking at the sidewalk, that is my start/finish line

I ran to the shopping center just in case use of their facilities was going to be required (which you can't see, but trust me, it's there). But notice how pretty it is? That's Longs Peak, a 14er, in the distance. That mountain will be conquered this year.

I made it home clean, feeling better that I did not succumb to my primal urge to bag the whole thing. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Now Playing - Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost of Tom Joad
Todays Run - 3.11 miles - 9:21 pace

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