Sunday, February 28, 2010

Double and Triple Digits!

Milestones. Benchmarks. Notch in the belt. Call it what you want. The path to an “ultimate” goal is littered with smaller achievements. Today, I marked two.

From this day forward, most every Sunday, my “long run” will be the furthest I have ever trampled under foot. Today, I ran 11 miles. Every f’n foot of it. It was (Oracle) SPECTACULAR! Valuable lessons were learned and I did not have one FML moment. I crossed the 100 mile mark in my training schedule. Since Feb 2nd, I have run 100+ miles. It was a good day. I cried, kinda (although I think it was probably the wind blowing in my face).

Feb 28, 2010, Longmont, Colorado. 9:10am. The Weather Channel app on my Droid says it is 31 degrees. HA! Thank God I brought the jacket, because the wind chill makes more like 10. An out and back. 5.5 miles and turn around. But no snow today, just a chilly breeze. 11 miles. Fuck. My back hurts; my foot hurts (that is new). I can do it. I have my line in the sand. My seam in the sidewalk. When I see this spot again, it will have been 11 miles. AND GO!

I am experimenting with music. Yes, I am religious about my iPod. I have a “running music” playlist that has about 6 hours of tunes, but not every song is the right song for any given moment. But today, I started with this.
And it was perfect. While not this particular show (actually it was 11/18/95 – w/Brickhouse throughout), the rhythm and groove got me going.

I was cruising along when, at the 2.5 mile mark, I happened upon my wife’s running partner (for some reason they were not running together today). From there we decided to run together. He has been running since the mid-1970’s and is trying to finally qualify for the Boston at age 60. Therefore, I was a bit tentative about trying to keep the pace, but he assured me time was not an issue. And we ran, and chatted about running. Between keeping my rhythmic breathing and cadence, the conversation in one ear, my music in another, the miles just rolled on by. He was supposed to turn around at some point, but said “The conversation is great, I’ll keep going.”

We rolled on. I gel/GU’ed for the first time, for no other reason than to try it. The pace quickened. And with gas left in the tank, I busted out the last mile at a 9:33 which put me at a 10:02 pace for the run. Sweet.

The lesson I learned? Long runs with someone are better than without. I will still and always keep music in one ear. I will try and find a friend during the marathon. It makes the run easier and keeps the FML’s at bay.

Finally, I went straight to the bar, had a few Bud Lights, watched Team USA Hockey and thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Feelin kinda Sunday……..Sunday Funday!

Todays run: 11 miles - 10:02 pace
Now Playing: The Bonedaddys - Waterside

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