Monday, March 1, 2010

I do have an opinion......

A few quick hits on some items in the news over the last couple weeks. JMHO

1. Tiger Woods – The only people he is accountable to are his wife and kids. He doesn’t owe me or you an apology. We, the sheep, assumed that “private” meant “perfect.” Like so many public figures, he projects the image that garners the most riches; he is a capitalist, just like the rest of us. I don’t regularly drink Gatorade nor do I drive a Buick. However, I do like my overpriced Nike products, but not because he promotes them. Just like my UnderArmour. Unlike my UWS. What seemingly everyone missed was his statement of entitlement. Hallelujah! He ‘thought’ he was deserved/owed/untouchable. I thought that was the most honest part of the whole Mark Steinberg scripted statement. In addition, every CEO/CFO of EVERY company that has dropped him may want to evaluate their own situation. It will suck when they get caught in their own infidelities. I love to watch him play golf, and that will not change (although if he played at altitude, we might still have a tournament in Colorado). He and John Daly should sit down and trade stories. Actually, that may be a bad thing; they may have more in common than they know, if you know what I mean…..(yea, I went there.). Finally, from one kettle to another.,,20347748,00.html?hpt=T2

2. Killer Whales – Really, it is already an old joke. Animals in captivity will behave in unpredictable ways. It has nothing to do with their name. But it will again when the "killer" bees get ahold of a poor defenseless "killer" Human. Look out for killer rabbits, killer prarie dogs, killer ladybugs.....

3. Sex In Vancouver – Hell yea! Olympic Village was a happening spot

4. Finally, this is the best marketing campaign in a long time. I don’t like Old Spice, but damn, I want to be this guy.

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