Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Hump Song

Oh man, could it be? Another gorgeous day in Northern Colorado? Hell YEAH! It would have been really easy to ditch class and play outside all day, but I’ve got to save that for days when it will really count. Like when the greens soften up and are pristine with spring grass. A blog I read regularly discussed the merits of cross training today. I contend that spending four hours walking about four miles with 40 lbs of equipment can count as cross training. That mileage increases exponentially with every search for a lost ball. I’d like to think that playing Tiger Woods golf on my Wii counts, but probably not so much.

So here I am ready to turn it loose in Fort Collins. After spending 5 hours in class this morning/afternoon, I could not wait to get out and bathe in the radiance of the mid-aftenoon sun.

I am starting a new feature here at Take-Care-of-Your-Shoes. The Hump Song. I toyed with calling it The FML Song, but the 12 year old rejected that idea, which is funny because I hear her curse around her friends…..but not quite like that. She is in the “crap” and “sucks” “that blows” stage of colorful explitives. But she’s learning. So, you are asking, "Just what is The Hump Song?"

As the man who will always run with music, I find myself using the music to get me past my FML moments of a run. A bunch of us are always on the lookout for new music to pound the pavement. The only criteria for the Hump Song is that it got me past a moment in the run where, and it may not be quite as extreme as a FML, but it allowed me to just float awhile. Or it got me up a hill. Or at least kept me from cloths-lining the runner who was looking better than me running down that hill. Anyway you get the point. Also, my disclaimer is that these songs in no way guarentee that you will hump more. Or less, given your particular situation. In fact, because so many songs hover around the 4-5 minute mark, you may be disappointing someone. So onward to today’s Hump Song. Enjoy.

Blind Melon - 2x4 - Soup. RIP Shannon Hoon. Gone way too soon. I can’t always promise that a live Phish jam won’t be a Hump Song, but if you ask me nicely, I’ll burn a copy for you.

Todays Run: 6.00 miles – 9:33 pace – not one FML moment!
Now Playing – YYZ - Rush

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