Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sidewalks and Rubber Belts

What an absolute wuss I was this morning. Mother dropped another 6 inches of snow in Longmont last night. SNOW DAY! As I was surveying the landscape this morning from my patio, the shovelers had yet to get to my front door; certainly the sidewalks around town were still slushy and messy. Just trying to find 7 miles was going to be a chore, so off to the gym I went. If only I had waited another hour. The sun came out, city workers were feverishly plowing, and again, it was just a delightful day to be outside. Damn you, Leigh and Mark! Here I am, Looking Good in my car, procrastinating motivating myself to Dreadmill.

Even the YMCA can be pretty when it’s covered in snow.

But you know what, the treadmill got pretty damn fun.

Thru a couple miles of warming up, my mind was trying to focus on the task at hand, and paying the bills, and taking the car for an oil change, and blogging, and my psychology paper, and Sydney’s 13th birthday, and how pissed I am relieved I am that the storm knocked out my DirecTV, so I missed 10 train-wrecks and 1 amazing performance on Idol. I heart Crystal. And I digress. However, I remembered a few things I had read.
1. For most people, your body has to learn how to run fast.
2. Take advantage of treadmills by running intervals. They are easier to do with the jet propulsion of a  rubber belt under your feet.
3. Don’t forget to breathe. Remember this?

So here is how I attacked the last five miles..I mixed in intervals every quarter mile until my last mile, which I gradually increased the speed. Each quarter mile got increasingly quicker, until I was doing a sub 7 minute to the end. By making a game of it, I had a blast. More importantly, what I learned was not to panic with my breathing. Just like Ed Harris, once your body and lungs accept their task and adjust to a new sensation, it gets easier. Practice, practice, practice.

Finally, since I was at the gym and could get on a real scale, I thought I share what it said.
That 194lbs. Down from 206lbs on Feb. 21st. YEA ME! No, I not entirely naked whilst taking this photo. Keep dreamin!

I'll go back in a few weeks and see how I’m doing, since I am now without hoppy goodness.

Today’s Run – 7.02 miles – 9:05 pace (treadmill and intervals)
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  1. At least you got it done!!! Are you by any chance talking about Leigh and Mark Levesque?