Friday, March 12, 2010

Bueller, Bueller......

I am here to testify. Life does move pretty F'n fast. Here I am.  Moving exceptionally quick. So fast you can't see me. Sorry about that. I'll slow down...
There we go.......Here I am, procrastinating about running looking over my schedule for the next week and month. Although my body is being unmotivated resting, my brain is chugging along. That's my new shirt. Notice how good I look? In reality, I was contemplating how far to run today, based on my running schedule, goals, events, priorities, looking good, feeling better, iPod music, work/school schedule, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and a host of other completely obsurd and irrelevent reasons not get it in gear. But damn, the dedication to training, while balencing other priorities and keeping that goal in sight can be a bitch. How far can a training schedule be bent in order for it to still serve it's purpose.
I am thinking of running the Horsetooth Half in Fort Collins. According to Higdon, I should be running 17 miles that day. However, the week before I am only supposed to run 11. Can I average the miles. Or should I run thru the finish line and keep going? Or, should I just do this?

 I am kind of serious in my question. I have to bend the schedule as it is, in order to go to do all the other things that are weekly obligations, primarily classes and work. I conciously skipped 2 short runs over the past 10 days in order to spend time with friends, which I deemed more important than a 3 mile run. However, I have been padding my runs for that very reason and therefore, still have a surplus of overall miles based on the schedule I am following. But, the game changes now and the mileage will become increasingly physically taxing. This week sees a jump of 10 miles from the previous.
What do you think? How much can I tweak the schedule and remain uninjured and safe and prepared for the marathon?

Hump Song of the Day

Live - Lighthouse

Todays run - 4.22 miles - 9:05 pace
Now Playing - U2 - Magnificent

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