Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everything in It's Right Place

How does someone know when they are having one of those days?
Actually, it was two days. Almost perfect days....

Tuesday: The weather forecast called for 70 plus degree temperatures, so what is a boy to do? Hell yea, he is skipping the scheduled 4 mile run and cross-training playing golf! While I won’t go into the gory details of my loop around the course, just know, on this particular day, the joy I got from being with my friends on the links far outweighed the benefits of pounding four miles of pavement. Here is a view from the driving range, Looking Good!

Oh yea, that is my ball, surrounded by goose shit. 

But damn, I was sore!
My 48 hours of bliss started Monday night with a 90 minute massage. I have a new best friend who will help me fight through and relieve the pains by body is experiencing. A big shout out to Mrs. C. Cooper for the referral!

The almost teenage/7th grader is on Spring Break this week. Lucky her! Her break feels like spring, where mine felt like we were still on the Dark Side of the Moon. But the sunshine has brought a new vibrancy to the CSU campus. An awakening. In the spirit of Take Your Daughter to Work Day, I invited Sydney to join me for a day of college classes. I thought it could be some postive stimulus for her. To my surprise, she accepted my offer and my conditions (which really only amounted to No Complaining about Being Bored and dressing approriately). What seventh grader goes to school when they don't have to?

Our day started together with my morning Starbucks Drive-Thru ritual (Don't give me any shit, Beth). Venti Americano for me; hot chocolate, no whip for her. With more enthusiasm than I ever mustered for class, we charged on to the CSU campus. She took notes thru Economics(better than my own), played on the computer during Management Science, sat mildly bewildered thru the discussion of Sexual Motivation in Psychology (yea, we talked of Orgasms and Refractory Periods), and seemed fairly interested during the lecture on the roots of Public Relations in my Media in Society class. I introduced her to my only three friends on campus. I think she loved the experience, except she was stared at most of the day by the visibly confused 18 - 20 year olds, clearly wondering why a young teen was trolling their campus. Maybe they were really starting at me, wondering why a 39 year old was trolling their campus. I advised her to keep her head up and eyes forward. Make them think she is an uber-genius, keep them guessing. Here she is, Looking Good and soaking in the life of a college student. Can you say, free ICEE POPS?

See, genius at work. Never pass up something for free.
I admit it. During my last lecture, I was setting a very bad example for my empressionable daughter, but it was lottery day. My own Powerball. I could not resist checking my email. I had bid for tickets to see Phish at the Greek Theater in Berkeley August 5, 6, 7,  2010. The Greek is a sacred concert venue. Here is a look.

While not quite the caliber of Red Rocks

Or the Gorge in Washington

As far as venues are concerned, it is arguably in the top 10 – mid size (8500 seats) – outdoor places to see live music. I could ramble on about the hoops one must go thru in order to get these tickets, so let me put it another way. Phish at the Greek for three nights - Face Value $150. In the land of Stub Hub…..add a zero to the face value and you are in the ball park. Myself, my  younger brother, and my surragate older bro are all in for face. Whoo Hoo! 

Finally, because I took three days off, I ran 9.19 miles today. It felt really good. I also made a big decision. But more on that later.........

Due to getting tickets today, most of my run was about Phish. Here is a good jam for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Todays Run - 9.19 miles - 9:34 pace
Now Playing - American Idol Elimination Show


  1. So many things to comment on. 1) what is the BIG decision??? 2) love that you took your daughter to school with you 3) were you the person who bought me my drink at Starbucks??? 4) Nice job on the 9 miler 5) Looks like I missed some good Longmont weather while I was gone. Driving range weather!

  2. And I forgot to mention..I CANNOT believe your plane story. Seriously, I would never fly again. Yeah, and if that was her second worst flight, what was the first??? Maybe the flight attendant broke both arms on that one.