Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shiny Happy People

At least it wasn’t raining.

The forecast was 30% chance rain/snow this morning. But when I dragged my time change ass out of bed and opened up the back door, it was borderline warm. While I was sucking down my Emergen-C at 7:30am with the back door open, I was contemplating, “Why am I in my tights? Do I really need a jacket? Where do I come from? How did I get here? Where do I go now that my role-model is gone?” I said to Chris, “I think I may change into shorts, and, by the way, I am going to become a weather forecaster.”

Seriously, they get paid to be wrong 90% of the time.
But I am not becoming a weatherman, and I didn’t change into shorts, and it didn’t rain or snow, but it just got eff’n cold! I wore my jacket in my own protest. Thanks, Chris D. I listened to you! It was frosty and breezy and pissy and spiteful, everything you don’t want out of ten miles. Our route provided us with a shitty wonderful uphill for miles eight and nine. (Is that why the downhill on miles 3 and 4 were so nice?) FML! When did I sign up for this? Not the best run/not the worst run, because that hill did not defeat walking! But today's run had a funny moment…….which was the real point of this post.

I have been getting bored with my iPod music for running. Recently, my mood during runs has been leaning toward hard rock and metal. And not so much this:

I am a shiny, happy guy who likes his shiny happy music, but having someone screaming at me with pounding guitars and drums while I am running is………motivating? However, my music collection contains very little metal, and I am getting really old totally out of touch regarding new metal music. But I have an App For That!

My Moto Droid has a Pandora Radio application, preinstalled! If you are not familiar with Pandora, allow me to pitch them to you. Pandora is an online free radio station, tailored to your musical tastes. Do you like Dave Matthews Band? Pandora will play DMB and other bands related/similar to DMB. You like Neil Diamond? The Bee Gees? Celine Dion  does anyone really like her? Bach? Metallica? It has it all, for free. Here is the link

This morning, I plug in the earphones and bring up Korn Radio (Korn, being a metal band, and radio being radio). I am ready for hours of head-bangin runnin! But I forgot that because Pandora is free, they occasionally check in to make sure you are still “listening”, hence requiring some button pushing. At some point during the run, I ‘thought’ that Pandora was making such a request and I really didn’t have the aptitude feel like trying to navigate my phone to re-active that radio, so I unplugged from the phone and jacked into my iPod. About two minutes later, my running partners are looking around, confused. They hear music….loud music….coming from my crotch. I am bewildered because I am now listening to Phish (which is so not Metal), and not from my nether-region. Apparently, I had reactivated Pandora in my fumbling, and it was now screaming Metal music at 9:30am on a peaceful running trail. My junk knows how to rock! Dogs were barking and birds were falling from the sky, but I had Phish in my ears. Alas, I had an hour of metal…….I just wish it was the second hour of running, not the first. It might have gotten me up that hill in a better mood.

Sorry, no pictures today of me looking good. It was just that kind of day. But you bet your ass it had a Hump Song! Just trying to climb that hill!

Todays run - 10.01 miles - 10.22 pace
Now Playing: Mylie Cyrus (WTF) from the 12 year olds bedroom, while I try and sit in peace and quiet

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