Monday, March 15, 2010

Run to the Hills

Run for your life..........

Running changes your perspective. Aside from all the usual spiritual rants and cosmic bonding with one’s own body and mind that tend to surround running, a lot of things just look different. In particular, the roads I drive on……no wait, the roads I run on.

1.a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain. incline, esp. in a road

Runners, I believe, have a love/hate relationship with hills, and intervals, and public restrooms, and gels/Gu’s, and host of other things. But we want these things in our lives! We need these things in our life. We could just run on flat roads and say thank you very much, and go on our way, but NO. Somehow, we choose to embrace the challenge of the hill. We know we need it to be better, stronger, and faster.

I have been living in the same town for 10 years. Longmont Colorado is my home, but only now do I truly appreciate what it means to reside on “The Foothills of the Rockies.” I live in The Hills! Am I this beautiful?

Seriously, when I am driving around town, subconsciously scouting potential running routes, only second to the traffic situation are the subtle inclines I had never noticed.

“Shit, if I go this way, I’ve got to get up this hill.” Or, “Hell yea, if I go this way, I get to go downhill! I pray to God I don’t get clothes-lined by the guy running up hill, ‘cause I know I am looking better than he is!”

From my perspective, living at the base of some of the most beautiful landscape in the country is a blessing. Hills and altitude. San Diego, here we come.

Todays Run: REST DAY! But I had a massage! Thanks Chris, and Mom & Dad
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