Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I Wear Them at Night?

Welcome to the start of Week 7 of the 18 week training program. Whoo Hoo! I am 1/3 of the way there! Somwhow, I have gotten caught up in the numbers of running. In the six weeks, I have run 27.5% of the total miles on this schedule. But what does that really mean? The miles are going to start ramping up and the next five weeks will be the test in resolve.

But I am going to be looking pretty damn good doin it, though, because my wife hates my sunglasses!

Are you familiar with Crocs? Of course you are. Not only does Crocs make rubber shoes, but they have dabbled in accessories. Crocs headquarters is located in the neighboring town to Longmont. I know a couple who work there and was gifted a pair of Crocs sunglasses about a year ago. They weren’t really my style, but who passes up free sunglasses? But over the last few months, I grew to appreciate them, like cheap beer in the summertime. I loved them running; they are not too heavy; they stay in place; they wrap-around; they keep the wind out. But I guess, according to She Who Knows Fashion my wife, they just weren’t up to standards. Guess who gave me a Gift Certificate to Sunglass Hut for my birthday?

So I stood at the counter of our local SGH, which is really a kiosk in our mall and the same woman has been working there for as long as I can remember, surveying my options. The saleswomen, of course asked if I need help, to which I replied. “My wife hates my sunglasses and I have a gift certificate.” She cocks her head and thinks for a moment and then asks, “Runner/Golfer?” I nod. "Let me show you the Oakley’s and the Maui Jims." I settled on the Maui Jims. Everything I need in glasses: Polarized, Light-weight, Rubber Nose Piece to prevent bounce, Wrap-Around, and I Look Good!

I got them yesterday, but today I really put them through the paces. It is a stunning day to be in NoCo, so I played nine holes of golf this morning. Here I am Looking Good, getting ready to swing the clubs for the first time since October, in a shirt that you know who got me!

Then, I came home and went for a 4+mile run. Looking Good! All thanks to She Who Knows Fashion.
Sorry, no Hump Song today. I did the Pandora thing again on Korn Radio, and frankly, I have no idea about what I was listening to, however this did get played. All I know there was a lot of yelling singing. And Metallica - One is not a good 8 minute running song.

Disturbed - Shout (Tears for Fears Cover.....hahaha!)

Todays Run - 4.73 Miles - 9:09 pace
Now Playing - The Shower, which I need to get into before I go to work

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