Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everything in It's Right Place

How does someone know when they are having one of those days?
Actually, it was two days. Almost perfect days....

Tuesday: The weather forecast called for 70 plus degree temperatures, so what is a boy to do? Hell yea, he is skipping the scheduled 4 mile run and cross-training playing golf! While I won’t go into the gory details of my loop around the course, just know, on this particular day, the joy I got from being with my friends on the links far outweighed the benefits of pounding four miles of pavement. Here is a view from the driving range, Looking Good!

Oh yea, that is my ball, surrounded by goose shit. 

But damn, I was sore!
My 48 hours of bliss started Monday night with a 90 minute massage. I have a new best friend who will help me fight through and relieve the pains by body is experiencing. A big shout out to Mrs. C. Cooper for the referral!

The almost teenage/7th grader is on Spring Break this week. Lucky her! Her break feels like spring, where mine felt like we were still on the Dark Side of the Moon. But the sunshine has brought a new vibrancy to the CSU campus. An awakening. In the spirit of Take Your Daughter to Work Day, I invited Sydney to join me for a day of college classes. I thought it could be some postive stimulus for her. To my surprise, she accepted my offer and my conditions (which really only amounted to No Complaining about Being Bored and dressing approriately). What seventh grader goes to school when they don't have to?

Our day started together with my morning Starbucks Drive-Thru ritual (Don't give me any shit, Beth). Venti Americano for me; hot chocolate, no whip for her. With more enthusiasm than I ever mustered for class, we charged on to the CSU campus. She took notes thru Economics(better than my own), played on the computer during Management Science, sat mildly bewildered thru the discussion of Sexual Motivation in Psychology (yea, we talked of Orgasms and Refractory Periods), and seemed fairly interested during the lecture on the roots of Public Relations in my Media in Society class. I introduced her to my only three friends on campus. I think she loved the experience, except she was stared at most of the day by the visibly confused 18 - 20 year olds, clearly wondering why a young teen was trolling their campus. Maybe they were really starting at me, wondering why a 39 year old was trolling their campus. I advised her to keep her head up and eyes forward. Make them think she is an uber-genius, keep them guessing. Here she is, Looking Good and soaking in the life of a college student. Can you say, free ICEE POPS?

See, genius at work. Never pass up something for free.
I admit it. During my last lecture, I was setting a very bad example for my empressionable daughter, but it was lottery day. My own Powerball. I could not resist checking my email. I had bid for tickets to see Phish at the Greek Theater in Berkeley August 5, 6, 7,  2010. The Greek is a sacred concert venue. Here is a look.

While not quite the caliber of Red Rocks

Or the Gorge in Washington

As far as venues are concerned, it is arguably in the top 10 – mid size (8500 seats) – outdoor places to see live music. I could ramble on about the hoops one must go thru in order to get these tickets, so let me put it another way. Phish at the Greek for three nights - Face Value $150. In the land of Stub Hub…..add a zero to the face value and you are in the ball park. Myself, my  younger brother, and my surragate older bro are all in for face. Whoo Hoo! 

Finally, because I took three days off, I ran 9.19 miles today. It felt really good. I also made a big decision. But more on that later.........

Due to getting tickets today, most of my run was about Phish. Here is a good jam for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Todays Run - 9.19 miles - 9:34 pace
Now Playing - American Idol Elimination Show

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tribal Disco Noise

Happy Tuesday!

Not too much to ramble on about today, so how about a few quick hits…..drum roll, please…..

• The long weekend run. The 15 miles went really well. With forced determination and steely masochism, I did my run after work Saturday evening. She Who Knows Fashion was a trooper, agreeing to tackle the beast with me after working all day herself. It was our first sunset run. The romance was accentuated by sub thirty degree temperatures and a chilly breeze. I wore shorts. I ran that last mile like Meatloaf’s wet dream.

Saturday’s Long Run – 15.00 miles – 10:13 Pace

• 8 Days – No Beer – 8 Minutes – No Wine

• Did you know that Presidential Elections coincide with Leap Years? Did you know Tom Cruise was in Young Guns?

• I am not sure if it is a total marketing ploy or not, but apparently, the Rock and Roll Marathon, San Diego (my marathon) is close to selling out. At least that is what the fan page on Facebook told me. And if it’s on Facebook, it has to be true. So we (Myself and SWKF) registered. I was trying to wait until April 13th, because I would have saved almost $30 bucks, but oh well. They baited me. And I spent an additional $36 for a tech shirt. I am such a sucker. Hopefully it will be better than the Ugly White Shirt. I will already be groveling for Phish tickets this summer; can you imagine me, pacing the streets of San Diego, one finger in the air, begging for a Miracle Bib?

• Some friends from my former life came back together and played a show a couple weeks ago. 15 years later, they can still rock it. You Tube “Tribal Disco Noise” to see some old school mayhem. Lots of memories and good times, indeed. A couple of their tunes are on my “running playlist.” Check it out!

• I like two days of rest. I don’t like running 5 days in a row. 51 miles in 6 days.

Johnny Depp gives me the creeps.

• Opening Day is less than a week away!

4-5-4-7-11 sounds just right this week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pray for Whirled Peas

Have you ever wondered how marathon trainees spend their Friday nights?

Actually, this is preventative medicine. Chris and I both worked tonight. On our feet, no less. My bar was busy and her restaurant was full. But Fridays pay the bills, so no complaints. But when we get home, all we want to do is to get intimate, and reconnect, with our ice-packs.

I may delve deeper into the merits of Frozen Peas in another post, but for now just know that I am not the only one who finds a use for frosty vegetables. Check these out…….

"Here honey, I know you want to wrap my balls over my head right now, but look what I found in the freezer. Part of the dinner I was going to cook for you, because I love you so much."

This one is awesome, because essentially Lance has you making an ice pack and a cocktail. I especially like the food coloring touch in step two. As to not get your ice pack confused with your bottle of vodka.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Party Time

STOP! SCROLL DOWN TO THE VIDEO. PRESS PLAY. Now, continue reading.....

Today's Run - 3.71 miles - 8:33 pace!!!!!!!!!

Ha! Nine minute mile....I laugh at you now! I had done a single, sub-nine mile before, but never consecutively. I like the negative splits, as well.

It went:
1. 8:48
2. 8:46
3. 8:22
.71. 8:11

I had this this to get me started:

Phish - Party Time - Indio, CA 10/30/09

I guess sitting in class all morning/afternoon got me ansy. Time to go to work. 15 miler either tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the weather. See ya next week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sidewalks and Rubber Belts

What an absolute wuss I was this morning. Mother dropped another 6 inches of snow in Longmont last night. SNOW DAY! As I was surveying the landscape this morning from my patio, the shovelers had yet to get to my front door; certainly the sidewalks around town were still slushy and messy. Just trying to find 7 miles was going to be a chore, so off to the gym I went. If only I had waited another hour. The sun came out, city workers were feverishly plowing, and again, it was just a delightful day to be outside. Damn you, Leigh and Mark! Here I am, Looking Good in my car, procrastinating motivating myself to Dreadmill.

Even the YMCA can be pretty when it’s covered in snow.

But you know what, the treadmill got pretty damn fun.

Thru a couple miles of warming up, my mind was trying to focus on the task at hand, and paying the bills, and taking the car for an oil change, and blogging, and my psychology paper, and Sydney’s 13th birthday, and how pissed I am relieved I am that the storm knocked out my DirecTV, so I missed 10 train-wrecks and 1 amazing performance on Idol. I heart Crystal. And I digress. However, I remembered a few things I had read.
1. For most people, your body has to learn how to run fast.
2. Take advantage of treadmills by running intervals. They are easier to do with the jet propulsion of a  rubber belt under your feet.
3. Don’t forget to breathe. Remember this?

So here is how I attacked the last five miles..I mixed in intervals every quarter mile until my last mile, which I gradually increased the speed. Each quarter mile got increasingly quicker, until I was doing a sub 7 minute to the end. By making a game of it, I had a blast. More importantly, what I learned was not to panic with my breathing. Just like Ed Harris, once your body and lungs accept their task and adjust to a new sensation, it gets easier. Practice, practice, practice.

Finally, since I was at the gym and could get on a real scale, I thought I share what it said.
That 194lbs. Down from 206lbs on Feb. 21st. YEA ME! No, I not entirely naked whilst taking this photo. Keep dreamin!

I'll go back in a few weeks and see how I’m doing, since I am now without hoppy goodness.

Today’s Run – 7.02 miles – 9:05 pace (treadmill and intervals)
Now Playing – Santana with Rob Thomas - Smooth

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5lbs, 6lbs, 7lbs

It sure as hell did not feel like 14 miles because it really was a perfect day to be running. The storm that blew through on Friday rid our thin air of any crap, which created one of the most pristine mornings of this entire winter. The snow-blanketed mountains provided an amazing backdrop for the task of the day, to run further than I had ever before and cross another milestone, 13.1 miles, otherwise known as The Half Marathon.

With Chris and Chris providing conversation in one ear and my iPod in another, miles just slid by. From a technical standpoint, we did well. Somehow, we managed negative splits from mile 2 thru 6. Climbing the hill and slapping the grey steel gate to mark the halfway point jolted my spirit with confidence. I know I can do this. A quick stretch and a mantra; You gave the hill energy; the hill will give it back. Back down the hill and set the cruise control. Conserve and coast. Then, when the end is in sight, if I can, turn it up, and I did. My last mile was the quickest. Yea Me!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this past week was, in a way, a test. Last week featured 10 additional miles from the previous and the long Sunday run being over a 13.1 miles. Physically and mentally, I had a very good week; it helped being on Spring Break. While I did not GO anywhere, I pretended I was here:

                                                                 Or here:

Anyway, a post in the future will detail my ascent to borderline obesity and perpetual struggles with weight and maintaining a positive body image. Tony Robbins, watch out! But something interesting has happened over the last few weeks and months.

I have a bathroom scale, but I do not really trust it. Its home in the bathroom is also the home of she who knows fashion my wife’s sweaty running clothes she peels off before jumping in the shower. Out of sight, out of mind. Besides, its how you feel, right? With so much to do, why, oh why, weigh, on a sunny day. Anyway, I digress.

Part of why I started seriously running was to combat any weight gain after I quit smoking. What I was not going to do was to get OCD and weigh myself all the effin time, particularly because I do not trust my scale. The good thing about being forced to the gym is the access to a quality doctor’s scale. Between October and February, I had gained 11 pounds; however, I think some of that was muscle. However, since in the last month, I have lost 8 pounds. Yea Me!

I have decided that it is time to give up beer. Kind of like my Running Lent. I know if I do so, I will continue to shed the pounds and be even more prepared for San Diego. 11 weeks without my hops and barley will be interesting, given I love my Sunday afternoon beer after long runs.
Here I am, Looking Good and taking out the last of the beer recycling. Yep, the next beer I have will be on June 6th. Too bad it it going to be that Mich 64 or whatever the hell it is called

Now to find cheap wine!

Sunday's Long Run: 14.02 miles - 10:10 pace

Todays Run: 4.54 miles - 9:05 pace

Now Playing - Radiohead - Kid A

Finally, not really a Hump Song today, but just a fun sing-along around mile 2 today. Enjoy!

The Cat Empire - The Car Song

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gonna Fly Now

Oh how we love March in Colorado. Just 48 hours ago, Mother Nature blessed us with clear skies and 65 degree sunshine. Today brought a not so subtle reminder that it is still winter on the Front Range. 7-8 inches of snow, moderate to high winds, and a chill that is only made worse by the warm glow we felt not 2 days ago. And this is why God created Dreadmills.

I really did used to love the treadmill. When I first started regularly running over a year ago, I insisted on the treadmill. Why run outside when a piece of modern equipment will provide you with detailed information regarding distance, pace, incline, heart-rate, and I could watch Sportscenter on a big screen TV. Plus, it propels you, taboot. But, Garmin came into my life and since then, I have treated my gym membership like the ex-girlfriend with whom I call only when I need something. Why is there comfort in dolling out a chunk of money every month for a product rarely used? As long as you pay, it will be there, waiting.

But today, when I was forced to see that ‘ex’, I saw how she was spending my alimony.

It may be difficult to get a sense of what is going on from the pictures. Allow me to explain. It’s not enough to have TVs mounted to the wall, but now almost every piece of equipment has their own personal 13 inch flatscreen. In addition, mounted to each piece is a remote, just in case you need to channel surf while exercising. And, they have run an earphone jack to the console. My own television wonderland! I tried the TV with sound, but No Country for Old Men is not exactly motivational running viewing. I gave up after about 5 minutes, plugged in the iPod, changed the channel to Sportscenter and silently watched March Madness highlights.

What the gym really needs is their own dedicated channel. And on this channel will be a motivational running video, so whenever your body wants to quit, you can change the channel and get some coaching, or at the very least we can think we can look this cool while running.

Or they could run this on a countinous loop

Hump Song of the Day

Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies

Today's Run - 7.01 miles - 9:12 Pace (Dreadmill)
Now Playing - Counting Crowes - Mrs. Potter's Lulaby

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm gonna change my clothes, my hair.......

My Face! Here I am, Looking Good and Clean Shavin!

Since I was about 23 years old, I have been sportin’ some kind of scruff on my face. Yea, every couple years I would shave it all off, just to remember why I grew it out in the first place, but now I think I am going to keep it clean until the marathon. My chubby baby face might just get a little sunshine. In case you’ve already forgotten, here I am with the Chris and the scruff. Both of us Looking Good!

Yesterday was the warmest day Colorado has seen in 5 months and I actually broke a real sweat over my 7 miles. And what I noticed was that beads of moisture would collect in my ‘stash and beard, which would then begin to itch. Yuck! This had happened before, but yesterday it was such a distraction I felt that if I found a razorblade on the trail I would shave it all off right then and there. This is also a testament to how much regular exercise I had been getting over the last 15 years.

Nothing too eventful regarding running today. Just a quick 4 miles in shorts before tomorrow brings 8 inches of snow. Boo Hiss. Looks like it may be a Dreadmill day. However, I did rediscover a nice out and back that features a mostly dirt road, a lake side view, and a calf-burning hill at the turnaround. I hadn’t run out there in over a year, back when I smoked and was utterly defeated by the aforementioned hill. Today, I made it up without so much a FML.

Today’s Run – 4.01 miles – 9:33 pace
Now Playing – Whatever PGA golf tournament is on The Golf Channel

My Guilty Pleasure(s)

I'lll make this quick:
George Michael
George Clooney
Frozen Peanut Butter M&M's
Diet Coke instead of coffee in the morning

American Idol !!!!!!!!

Michael Slezak writes a A.I. blog for and also films these vLogs (see link below).
This is for die-hards only, casual viewers need not waste their precious time.

'American Idol' Top 12 results night: Did the right person go home?

Anyway, if you are an AI junkie, I highly recommend making his reviews part of your mid-week brain freeze, distraction, social awareness, and/or cultural understanding.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging........

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I Wear Them at Night?

Welcome to the start of Week 7 of the 18 week training program. Whoo Hoo! I am 1/3 of the way there! Somwhow, I have gotten caught up in the numbers of running. In the six weeks, I have run 27.5% of the total miles on this schedule. But what does that really mean? The miles are going to start ramping up and the next five weeks will be the test in resolve.

But I am going to be looking pretty damn good doin it, though, because my wife hates my sunglasses!

Are you familiar with Crocs? Of course you are. Not only does Crocs make rubber shoes, but they have dabbled in accessories. Crocs headquarters is located in the neighboring town to Longmont. I know a couple who work there and was gifted a pair of Crocs sunglasses about a year ago. They weren’t really my style, but who passes up free sunglasses? But over the last few months, I grew to appreciate them, like cheap beer in the summertime. I loved them running; they are not too heavy; they stay in place; they wrap-around; they keep the wind out. But I guess, according to She Who Knows Fashion my wife, they just weren’t up to standards. Guess who gave me a Gift Certificate to Sunglass Hut for my birthday?

So I stood at the counter of our local SGH, which is really a kiosk in our mall and the same woman has been working there for as long as I can remember, surveying my options. The saleswomen, of course asked if I need help, to which I replied. “My wife hates my sunglasses and I have a gift certificate.” She cocks her head and thinks for a moment and then asks, “Runner/Golfer?” I nod. "Let me show you the Oakley’s and the Maui Jims." I settled on the Maui Jims. Everything I need in glasses: Polarized, Light-weight, Rubber Nose Piece to prevent bounce, Wrap-Around, and I Look Good!

I got them yesterday, but today I really put them through the paces. It is a stunning day to be in NoCo, so I played nine holes of golf this morning. Here I am Looking Good, getting ready to swing the clubs for the first time since October, in a shirt that you know who got me!

Then, I came home and went for a 4+mile run. Looking Good! All thanks to She Who Knows Fashion.
Sorry, no Hump Song today. I did the Pandora thing again on Korn Radio, and frankly, I have no idea about what I was listening to, however this did get played. All I know there was a lot of yelling singing. And Metallica - One is not a good 8 minute running song.

Disturbed - Shout (Tears for Fears Cover.....hahaha!)

Todays Run - 4.73 Miles - 9:09 pace
Now Playing - The Shower, which I need to get into before I go to work

Monday, March 15, 2010

Run to the Hills

Run for your life..........

Running changes your perspective. Aside from all the usual spiritual rants and cosmic bonding with one’s own body and mind that tend to surround running, a lot of things just look different. In particular, the roads I drive on……no wait, the roads I run on.

1.a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain. incline, esp. in a road

Runners, I believe, have a love/hate relationship with hills, and intervals, and public restrooms, and gels/Gu’s, and host of other things. But we want these things in our lives! We need these things in our life. We could just run on flat roads and say thank you very much, and go on our way, but NO. Somehow, we choose to embrace the challenge of the hill. We know we need it to be better, stronger, and faster.

I have been living in the same town for 10 years. Longmont Colorado is my home, but only now do I truly appreciate what it means to reside on “The Foothills of the Rockies.” I live in The Hills! Am I this beautiful?

Seriously, when I am driving around town, subconsciously scouting potential running routes, only second to the traffic situation are the subtle inclines I had never noticed.

“Shit, if I go this way, I’ve got to get up this hill.” Or, “Hell yea, if I go this way, I get to go downhill! I pray to God I don’t get clothes-lined by the guy running up hill, ‘cause I know I am looking better than he is!”

From my perspective, living at the base of some of the most beautiful landscape in the country is a blessing. Hills and altitude. San Diego, here we come.

Todays Run: REST DAY! But I had a massage! Thanks Chris, and Mom & Dad
Now Playing: 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions: The Hollies - Tall Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shiny Happy People

At least it wasn’t raining.

The forecast was 30% chance rain/snow this morning. But when I dragged my time change ass out of bed and opened up the back door, it was borderline warm. While I was sucking down my Emergen-C at 7:30am with the back door open, I was contemplating, “Why am I in my tights? Do I really need a jacket? Where do I come from? How did I get here? Where do I go now that my role-model is gone?” I said to Chris, “I think I may change into shorts, and, by the way, I am going to become a weather forecaster.”

Seriously, they get paid to be wrong 90% of the time.
But I am not becoming a weatherman, and I didn’t change into shorts, and it didn’t rain or snow, but it just got eff’n cold! I wore my jacket in my own protest. Thanks, Chris D. I listened to you! It was frosty and breezy and pissy and spiteful, everything you don’t want out of ten miles. Our route provided us with a shitty wonderful uphill for miles eight and nine. (Is that why the downhill on miles 3 and 4 were so nice?) FML! When did I sign up for this? Not the best run/not the worst run, because that hill did not defeat walking! But today's run had a funny moment…….which was the real point of this post.

I have been getting bored with my iPod music for running. Recently, my mood during runs has been leaning toward hard rock and metal. And not so much this:

I am a shiny, happy guy who likes his shiny happy music, but having someone screaming at me with pounding guitars and drums while I am running is………motivating? However, my music collection contains very little metal, and I am getting really old totally out of touch regarding new metal music. But I have an App For That!

My Moto Droid has a Pandora Radio application, preinstalled! If you are not familiar with Pandora, allow me to pitch them to you. Pandora is an online free radio station, tailored to your musical tastes. Do you like Dave Matthews Band? Pandora will play DMB and other bands related/similar to DMB. You like Neil Diamond? The Bee Gees? Celine Dion  does anyone really like her? Bach? Metallica? It has it all, for free. Here is the link

This morning, I plug in the earphones and bring up Korn Radio (Korn, being a metal band, and radio being radio). I am ready for hours of head-bangin runnin! But I forgot that because Pandora is free, they occasionally check in to make sure you are still “listening”, hence requiring some button pushing. At some point during the run, I ‘thought’ that Pandora was making such a request and I really didn’t have the aptitude feel like trying to navigate my phone to re-active that radio, so I unplugged from the phone and jacked into my iPod. About two minutes later, my running partners are looking around, confused. They hear music….loud music….coming from my crotch. I am bewildered because I am now listening to Phish (which is so not Metal), and not from my nether-region. Apparently, I had reactivated Pandora in my fumbling, and it was now screaming Metal music at 9:30am on a peaceful running trail. My junk knows how to rock! Dogs were barking and birds were falling from the sky, but I had Phish in my ears. Alas, I had an hour of metal…….I just wish it was the second hour of running, not the first. It might have gotten me up that hill in a better mood.

Sorry, no pictures today of me looking good. It was just that kind of day. But you bet your ass it had a Hump Song! Just trying to climb that hill!

Todays run - 10.01 miles - 10.22 pace
Now Playing: Mylie Cyrus (WTF) from the 12 year olds bedroom, while I try and sit in peace and quiet

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bueller, Bueller......

I am here to testify. Life does move pretty F'n fast. Here I am.  Moving exceptionally quick. So fast you can't see me. Sorry about that. I'll slow down...
There we go.......Here I am, procrastinating about running looking over my schedule for the next week and month. Although my body is being unmotivated resting, my brain is chugging along. That's my new shirt. Notice how good I look? In reality, I was contemplating how far to run today, based on my running schedule, goals, events, priorities, looking good, feeling better, iPod music, work/school schedule, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and a host of other completely obsurd and irrelevent reasons not get it in gear. But damn, the dedication to training, while balencing other priorities and keeping that goal in sight can be a bitch. How far can a training schedule be bent in order for it to still serve it's purpose.
I am thinking of running the Horsetooth Half in Fort Collins. According to Higdon, I should be running 17 miles that day. However, the week before I am only supposed to run 11. Can I average the miles. Or should I run thru the finish line and keep going? Or, should I just do this?

 I am kind of serious in my question. I have to bend the schedule as it is, in order to go to do all the other things that are weekly obligations, primarily classes and work. I conciously skipped 2 short runs over the past 10 days in order to spend time with friends, which I deemed more important than a 3 mile run. However, I have been padding my runs for that very reason and therefore, still have a surplus of overall miles based on the schedule I am following. But, the game changes now and the mileage will become increasingly physically taxing. This week sees a jump of 10 miles from the previous.
What do you think? How much can I tweak the schedule and remain uninjured and safe and prepared for the marathon?

Hump Song of the Day

Live - Lighthouse

Todays run - 4.22 miles - 9:05 pace
Now Playing - U2 - Magnificent

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blow Out Candles Once Again

Wow, it has been Some Kind of Wonderful few days. Since my last post, there has been this: Representing CSU for a 12 mile run on the Greenway

That’s right, new milestone! 12.44 miles. I was contemplating doing the whole 13.1 (half marathon), but I saw my car and said F-It, I am done. I was alone for the whole thing and it went well pretty damn well. I cried (Or was it the wind?). Later in the day, I was lovin some family time. My brother's birthday, the Oscars and a jam session. I picked up the guitar after filming. Trust me, the last thing you want to see or hear is me attempting to play guitar.

Monday brought my 39th birthday celebration.
My official birthday was Tuesday, March 9th, but my friends and I cross-trained celebrated this way (these are not random women, Chris is on the right, Sarah in the middle and Jen on the left. It would be really creepy if I was video-ing random women):

We learned two lessons that night. 1. Concerts are not an appropriate place to inhale anything medicinal, at least according to the staff at the Pepsi Center in Denver. 2. Apparently, a large segment of the Bon Jovi fans would rather pay at least $60 to sit on their ass than get up and dance. A late night after-party led to a bit of a hangover and hence, an excuse to take another “rest” day. BTW, I could totally tell the difference between the hangover when I was 38 versus my HO at age 39. When I turn 40 could be just awful.

It was a great birthday. I turned the clock on a year of my life. I have some short term goals in place and now I have to get out and run 6 miles in this: (but Looking Good!)

And then:

Do you ever have those days when it feels like you are moving faster than you really are? Today was that day. I thought I was killing it (my pace), until I looked at the Garmin when I finished. (more on this phenomenon later).

I bought a new shirt today.

It’s kind of cheesy, but half off at Dicks Sporting Goods on the clearance rack is hard to resist. $20 bucks for a tech shirt? I would probably wear it if it were pink. Tiger should get cancer, then Nike would forgive him for his issues, because Lance ain't no saint. But damn it! Here I am. Giving both of them my money. Anyway, I will be Looking Good. Happy Birthday to me! Chris got me new sunglasses and a massage for my B-Day. Some cash from the 'rents. A big Shout Out to Jessie and Dustin for bringin brownies to me at work. Pete and Jen, Murph and Sarah, that was a damn good time. Thank you all. Watch out, next week I will be Looking Better and Feeling Good! Friday is the start of Spring Break….shopping, massages, lunch with friends, time off, regroup. Oh yea, I am ready!

Hump Song of todays run:

Dave Matthews Band - Eh Hee

Yesterday's Run: 5.95 miles - 9:44 pace
Now Playing: The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ok, GO!

I Don't have too much for y'all today, and may not for a couple days. Sorry, just gonna be busy. FYI, I skipped a 3 mile run today. Boo Hiss! Sorry..

Otherwise, enjoy this:

And how they did it

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gettin my Groove On....

Short post today. I was out late last night getting my groove on with Salvador Santana (Carlos’ son) and The New Mastersounds. Here’s a sample.

In addition to cross training dancing for about three hours, I had my fair share of these:

Now all I want to do is this (But still looking good)

But I didn’t. I got my ass out there and ran. Because of my work/school schedule, I have to flip flop my Saturday & Thursday runs. What that means is that I have two mid-length runs in a row. I know, poor me.
Here is The Hump Song from today’s adventures in running.

Tool – Parabola – Lateralus

Today’s Run: 6.18 miles – 9:53 pace
Now Playing: Last nights American Idol. Update to come later.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Hump Song

Oh man, could it be? Another gorgeous day in Northern Colorado? Hell YEAH! It would have been really easy to ditch class and play outside all day, but I’ve got to save that for days when it will really count. Like when the greens soften up and are pristine with spring grass. A blog I read regularly discussed the merits of cross training today. I contend that spending four hours walking about four miles with 40 lbs of equipment can count as cross training. That mileage increases exponentially with every search for a lost ball. I’d like to think that playing Tiger Woods golf on my Wii counts, but probably not so much.

So here I am ready to turn it loose in Fort Collins. After spending 5 hours in class this morning/afternoon, I could not wait to get out and bathe in the radiance of the mid-aftenoon sun.

I am starting a new feature here at Take-Care-of-Your-Shoes. The Hump Song. I toyed with calling it The FML Song, but the 12 year old rejected that idea, which is funny because I hear her curse around her friends…..but not quite like that. She is in the “crap” and “sucks” “that blows” stage of colorful explitives. But she’s learning. So, you are asking, "Just what is The Hump Song?"

As the man who will always run with music, I find myself using the music to get me past my FML moments of a run. A bunch of us are always on the lookout for new music to pound the pavement. The only criteria for the Hump Song is that it got me past a moment in the run where, and it may not be quite as extreme as a FML, but it allowed me to just float awhile. Or it got me up a hill. Or at least kept me from cloths-lining the runner who was looking better than me running down that hill. Anyway you get the point. Also, my disclaimer is that these songs in no way guarentee that you will hump more. Or less, given your particular situation. In fact, because so many songs hover around the 4-5 minute mark, you may be disappointing someone. So onward to today’s Hump Song. Enjoy.

Blind Melon - 2x4 - Soup. RIP Shannon Hoon. Gone way too soon. I can’t always promise that a live Phish jam won’t be a Hump Song, but if you ask me nicely, I’ll burn a copy for you.

Todays Run: 6.00 miles – 9:33 pace – not one FML moment!
Now Playing – YYZ - Rush

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somebody Listened......

………because hot damn, it is one amazing day to live on the Front Range.

I know you wanted to see how beautiful the light posts are in Colorado.

Here I am, looking good while busting out the shorts for the first time in 2010. Actually that is not true. I wore shorts to the gym for my single dreadmill run since December. Was I bitching about something last week? Hmmmm. It’s a bit too cool to lose the Thinsulate top, but at least my get away sticks are free! I am ready to start week 5 training!

Now that a NoCo has gotten a taste of, dare I say, Spring, we are going to start seeing a lot more of each other. Pants turn to shorts and longsleeves disappear. Our collective pigmentation will become more exposed to the world, for better or worse.

What is often surprising as we begin to show more skin are those folks that have tattoos. What was reserved for jailhouses and bikers has become an increasing popular form of individualism (is that a misnomer?). I am rapidly approaching 39 years old which will mark the 20 year anniversary of my first deliberate tattoo.

See that spot. I walked into a pencil in 7th grade. That is my first tattoo. Between ages 19 and 30, I amassed a total of five tats and all of them have a special place in my heart. The thing about tattoos is that it is hard to stop with just one.

All of mine are discrete. They are only visible if I choose for them to be. I was just not rebelious enough to have any completely out in the open. I also didn’t want them to be an issue in a work environment. This one on my calf is the last one I got in 2001. It is my favorite as well. I designed it. Pretty cool, huh.

I thought it was going to be my last, but that’s what they all say. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that if I did get one more, it would have to be for something momentous. My sister in law completed the Ironman in Cozumel the past Thanksgiving and she, at 37 years old, got her first tattoo to celebrate the occasion. I have zero intentions of attempting an Ironman, but damn it, when I finish this marathon, my body will be permanently scared one more time.

Oh yeah, it felt great to get out and run. A pretty quick spin around the neighborhood was exactly what I needed.

Todays run: 2.92 miles – 9:11 pace
Now Playing: Phish - Bathtub Gin - 06/28/00

Monday, March 1, 2010


L. Cohen has put a moritorium for artists covering this will not embed, but here is a link.

one of my favorite versions.

and this

Haunting, beautiful....
and this

I do have an opinion......

A few quick hits on some items in the news over the last couple weeks. JMHO

1. Tiger Woods – The only people he is accountable to are his wife and kids. He doesn’t owe me or you an apology. We, the sheep, assumed that “private” meant “perfect.” Like so many public figures, he projects the image that garners the most riches; he is a capitalist, just like the rest of us. I don’t regularly drink Gatorade nor do I drive a Buick. However, I do like my overpriced Nike products, but not because he promotes them. Just like my UnderArmour. Unlike my UWS. What seemingly everyone missed was his statement of entitlement. Hallelujah! He ‘thought’ he was deserved/owed/untouchable. I thought that was the most honest part of the whole Mark Steinberg scripted statement. In addition, every CEO/CFO of EVERY company that has dropped him may want to evaluate their own situation. It will suck when they get caught in their own infidelities. I love to watch him play golf, and that will not change (although if he played at altitude, we might still have a tournament in Colorado). He and John Daly should sit down and trade stories. Actually, that may be a bad thing; they may have more in common than they know, if you know what I mean…..(yea, I went there.). Finally, from one kettle to another.,,20347748,00.html?hpt=T2

2. Killer Whales – Really, it is already an old joke. Animals in captivity will behave in unpredictable ways. It has nothing to do with their name. But it will again when the "killer" bees get ahold of a poor defenseless "killer" Human. Look out for killer rabbits, killer prarie dogs, killer ladybugs.....

3. Sex In Vancouver – Hell yea! Olympic Village was a happening spot

4. Finally, this is the best marketing campaign in a long time. I don’t like Old Spice, but damn, I want to be this guy.

Todays Run: HA! It's a rest day!
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