Friday, March 19, 2010

Gonna Fly Now

Oh how we love March in Colorado. Just 48 hours ago, Mother Nature blessed us with clear skies and 65 degree sunshine. Today brought a not so subtle reminder that it is still winter on the Front Range. 7-8 inches of snow, moderate to high winds, and a chill that is only made worse by the warm glow we felt not 2 days ago. And this is why God created Dreadmills.

I really did used to love the treadmill. When I first started regularly running over a year ago, I insisted on the treadmill. Why run outside when a piece of modern equipment will provide you with detailed information regarding distance, pace, incline, heart-rate, and I could watch Sportscenter on a big screen TV. Plus, it propels you, taboot. But, Garmin came into my life and since then, I have treated my gym membership like the ex-girlfriend with whom I call only when I need something. Why is there comfort in dolling out a chunk of money every month for a product rarely used? As long as you pay, it will be there, waiting.

But today, when I was forced to see that ‘ex’, I saw how she was spending my alimony.

It may be difficult to get a sense of what is going on from the pictures. Allow me to explain. It’s not enough to have TVs mounted to the wall, but now almost every piece of equipment has their own personal 13 inch flatscreen. In addition, mounted to each piece is a remote, just in case you need to channel surf while exercising. And, they have run an earphone jack to the console. My own television wonderland! I tried the TV with sound, but No Country for Old Men is not exactly motivational running viewing. I gave up after about 5 minutes, plugged in the iPod, changed the channel to Sportscenter and silently watched March Madness highlights.

What the gym really needs is their own dedicated channel. And on this channel will be a motivational running video, so whenever your body wants to quit, you can change the channel and get some coaching, or at the very least we can think we can look this cool while running.

Or they could run this on a countinous loop

Hump Song of the Day

Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies

Today's Run - 7.01 miles - 9:12 Pace (Dreadmill)
Now Playing - Counting Crowes - Mrs. Potter's Lulaby

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  1. Brrr. What's with the weather? (I ask like I haven't lived in CO for 16 years). Anyway, I hoping tomorrow is warmer and I can hit some roads outside. Good luck with your run. Yes, I saw Ziggis opened near my house on 17th, so I'll be going. I've been to the one downtown a lot and hate to say I'm not the biggest fan of their coffee, but like you said, good to support the local businesses....