Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gettin my Groove On....

Short post today. I was out late last night getting my groove on with Salvador Santana (Carlos’ son) and The New Mastersounds. Here’s a sample.

In addition to cross training dancing for about three hours, I had my fair share of these:

Now all I want to do is this (But still looking good)

But I didn’t. I got my ass out there and ran. Because of my work/school schedule, I have to flip flop my Saturday & Thursday runs. What that means is that I have two mid-length runs in a row. I know, poor me.
Here is The Hump Song from today’s adventures in running.

Tool – Parabola – Lateralus

Today’s Run: 6.18 miles – 9:53 pace
Now Playing: Last nights American Idol. Update to come later.

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  1. i look at the glissade pic and think...damn, i'd really like a foam reprise :-)