Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somebody Listened......

………because hot damn, it is one amazing day to live on the Front Range.

I know you wanted to see how beautiful the light posts are in Colorado.

Here I am, looking good while busting out the shorts for the first time in 2010. Actually that is not true. I wore shorts to the gym for my single dreadmill run since December. Was I bitching about something last week? Hmmmm. It’s a bit too cool to lose the Thinsulate top, but at least my get away sticks are free! I am ready to start week 5 training!

Now that a NoCo has gotten a taste of, dare I say, Spring, we are going to start seeing a lot more of each other. Pants turn to shorts and longsleeves disappear. Our collective pigmentation will become more exposed to the world, for better or worse.

What is often surprising as we begin to show more skin are those folks that have tattoos. What was reserved for jailhouses and bikers has become an increasing popular form of individualism (is that a misnomer?). I am rapidly approaching 39 years old which will mark the 20 year anniversary of my first deliberate tattoo.

See that spot. I walked into a pencil in 7th grade. That is my first tattoo. Between ages 19 and 30, I amassed a total of five tats and all of them have a special place in my heart. The thing about tattoos is that it is hard to stop with just one.

All of mine are discrete. They are only visible if I choose for them to be. I was just not rebelious enough to have any completely out in the open. I also didn’t want them to be an issue in a work environment. This one on my calf is the last one I got in 2001. It is my favorite as well. I designed it. Pretty cool, huh.

I thought it was going to be my last, but that’s what they all say. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that if I did get one more, it would have to be for something momentous. My sister in law completed the Ironman in Cozumel the past Thanksgiving and she, at 37 years old, got her first tattoo to celebrate the occasion. I have zero intentions of attempting an Ironman, but damn it, when I finish this marathon, my body will be permanently scared one more time.

Oh yeah, it felt great to get out and run. A pretty quick spin around the neighborhood was exactly what I needed.

Todays run: 2.92 miles – 9:11 pace
Now Playing: Phish - Bathtub Gin - 06/28/00

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