Sunday, February 21, 2010

To iPod or Not......

Is that a question?

There are a few issues regarding running that will inevitably prickle the spines of traditionalists and further segregate the so called non-conformists. Technology, specifically iPods, has again perpetuated the debate. To music or not to music.

...this also applies to those that watch TV while at the gym....or if you are trying to split the difference, listining to an audiobook/podcast/NPR...listen up! I know you crank up a wicked version of All Things Considered or blast your Car Talk to get you through those tough miles.

Allow me to say now….I will ALWAYS run with my music. If I am rolling miles with my wife, friends or a group, I might keep only one ear “plugged in.” Otherwise, running is a solitary and musical experience. The breathing, the pace, the zone….the music! All of it comes from the rhythmic beats to which I attempt to match my legs, my arms, my lungs, my mind. When I am in the middle of a long run and I wonder where my strength may come from, it is usually the perfect song that moment, guiding me to the inner purpose for what I am doing.

So much so, I’m considering a marathon “playlist” (or for my jam groovy-friends, a setlist.)

I am thinking about this for a couple of reasons.

1. Pace: Most times, the beginning of my run starts with a piece of music that I know will take me x distance . ½ mile, 1 mile, 2 miles? THREE MILES?....a blistering long Phish jam will get me three miles. It serves as a guidepost.

2. Emotional Fuel: Each mile is not created equal (more on that). THAT SONG can make a difference

3. Feeding my complementary passion: I get to do two things I enjoy ‘at the same time!’

4. I can practice my Guitar Hero riffs.

#4….not so much. Not a big fan of G.H. But don’t be surprised if you catch me playing Air Guitar or bangin virtual drums while out on a run. Although, if you caught me today at the YMCA, trying to blaze through my six miles, I was obnoxious with visible my strum and drang:

• Phish – Tweezer - 07/31/09 – Warm up / Mile 1+

• Phish – Sand – 06/07/09 – Miles 2 & 3+

• REO Speedwagon – Roll with the Changes - finish mile 3 into 4

• Tea Leaf Green – Franz Hanzerbeak – Mile 4 – 5

• Goo Goo Dolls – What a Scene – Finish mile 6

I realize that I didn't really address the argument regarding running with an iPod, To each their own. I choose to keep my eyes up and ears filled with music. Finally.....a little product placement
Funny run stuff here.
Now Playing: (again) Phish - Tweezer -07/31/09 Red this jam!
Today's Run: 6.01 miles - 9:13 Pace - Treadmill.....just tried to go fast, cause its inflated!

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  1. testing "post a comment" -- if i were a runner, and i will never be one, ipodding makes sense...personally, i've got noise-canceling headphones on for all my train rides and gym workouts, playing old-school CDs only...

    whatever you do, feed your head!!!